“Created when methods, ingredients, techniques, proofs & timing all came together to form a damn tasty gin.”


Big Gin came to fruition during copious test batches—different botanics, technique, & equipment was tirelessly exploited. After time, we concluded test batch #27 was the old-world, English dry we had been searching for.

With a burnt orange & juniper nose, finishing with a savory spice, Big Gin's versatile without losing ginner appeal. Big Gin is batch distilled in our 100-gallon Vendome pot still, in a traditional manner.

The quality of materials, skill of distiller & articulate attention to detail is what creates an exceptional product.

Try it and See...

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    When a bartender is trying to seduce a beautiful woman, this drink frequently comes into play. Big Gin knows a thing or two about these antics.

    2 oz. BIG GIN 1/2 oz. Cointreau (or local equivalent) 1/2 oz. lemon juice

    Shake well with ice, then strain into a beautiful glass. Garnish with a frilly ruffle of some nature.


    The jolt of caffeine is a nice touch, beginning the evening out or in.

    1/2 oz brewed earl grey tea 1 oz. BIG GIN 1/2 oz apricot liquor 1/2 oz lime juice Fresh apricot

    Add ingredients to shaker, swizzle with vigor, and strain into a sugar rimmed glass. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

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    Delicious—muddle at home and add booze on the riverbank. Add ice before enjoying. Drink all day under the hot sun.

    1/2 oz. Aperol 1 oz. BIG GIN 1/2 fresh kiwi 10 lemon balm leaves Lime

    Muddle kiwi, lemon balm, and lime wedge. Add gin and Aperol, and ice. Strain onto fresh ice.


    A bit more of an edge, with Big Gin.

    1 oz Big Gin 3 oz Tomato juice Pinch celery salt Good shake black pepper 3 dashes favorite hot sauce 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon fresh shaved horseradish Lemon squeeze.

    Combine all ingredients and stir or shake. Garnish with your favorite pickle addictions.

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    Slightly more herbaceous than elements imply, this sensuous concoction will have your pallet plumb tickled.

    1 small, ripe plum 1 oz. BIG GIN 1/2 oz. elderflower liquor

    Muddle ice and a sliced plum. Add more ice and top with booze. Swizzle until your heart's content. Garnish with spare plum wedges.


    It's winter and you wish it were summer. Here is your drink. Have another.

    1/2 oz. Pimms 1/2 oz. Luxardo 1 oz BIG GIN Chunk fresh, peeled, and chopped ginger Splash soda

    Muddle ginger and ice. Add more ice, add booze, and splash soda to taste.

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    This cocktail speaks for itself.

    1 tsp. maple syrup Fresh raspberries pureé 1 oz BIG GIN 1 egg white

    Add all ingredients to a shaker full of ice. Shake with reckless abandon. Strain into your most feminine of glassware, and garnish with a gaudy spectacle of your choice.


    Sometimes at brunch, we hear complaints of fellow brunchers, bored of traditional brunch cocktails. Here is our Big Gin spin on a brunch cocktail, sure to start your nice, little Saturday the right way.

    1 oz. BIG GIN 1/2 oz. elderflower liquor Splash of your favorite sparkling Splash of grapefruit

    Shake Big Gin and elderflower liquor, and then strain in a Champaign flute. Top with sparkling and grapefruit juice.

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    aka The Affair

    We all know what this drink is about. At least use seasonal berries, all right?

    Seasonal berries (Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, huckleberries…) 1 oz BIG GIN Favorite sparkling wine Lime

    Place berries and ice in a pint glass. Add BIG GIN, sparkling, and spritz of lime. Shake and enjoy without regret.


    Big Gin needed a drink that would stand up and tell 'em whose boss. Appropriately named after our founder and distiller Ben Capdevielle.

    2 oz BIG GIN 1/2 oz. dry vermouth Absinthe rinse

    Rise martini glass with absinthe. Toss extra (into your mouth if you would like). Swizzle or shake BIG GIN and vermouth. Serve straight up.